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Arte Sella

About 25 works displayed along a path of 3 km, in the town of Borgo Valsugana, not far from Levico Terme. Arte Sella is one of the most remarkable examples of art in the open.

There is a place where nature is transformed into art. And there is a time in which to admire it. It is the international contemporary art event that the Val di Sella houses since 1986. A huge exposure in the open, along the forest road of the south slope of Mount Armentera (town of Borgo Valsugana), the real works of art made with stones, leaves, branches and trunks.

Arte Sella, with the path called ArteNatura, will not be a simple exhibition but rather a creative process in which the work of each artist takes shape day by day on the site, taking the very nature of materials and inspirations.

From a few years of the event activities also extend to Malga Costa, in a setting even more unusual and striking, home to several creative workshops.

At the end of Arte Sella many works find new home in museums or art galleries, while others are left on site to fully integrate with the surrounding vegetation. The best known example to the public is the amazing Cathedral Plant, which has become an icon of the event. Its majesty and beauty stays visible in every season: covered with snow is an even more impressive display.

Arte Sella is not only exposure, but the square of great events. From April to October, the nature and not only become the scene of important appointments with art: from exhibitions to stories, to the wonderful open air concerts as "The Sounds of the Dolomites", the Val di Sella become custodian of unique emotions.

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