Salt Cave

We offer you an experience of relaxation, peace and harmony, protected by walls of salt. The Salt Cave is a haven for your health, which recover energy and well-being.

A natural treatment, relief for bronchopulmonary disorders, asthma, sinusitis, colds, coughs, allergies, insomnia and other disorders.

The sessions in the Salt Cave can be made from an early age; allow to boost the natural immune system of the organism and to purify the polluted airways that we breathe every day.
The halotherapy should not be considered as an alternative to drug treatment undertaken for the treatment of chronic diseases, but is to be considered as a complementary treatment of general well-being.

The sessions in the Salt Cave are not recommended only in case of fever and severe hypertension.

Open to the public from 08.00 to 18.00 with a lunch break; session lasts 40 minutes and can participate in a maximum of 6 persons per session.

Here are the prices:

1 session € 25,00


For every paying adult, free a child under the age of 10 years.


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